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The CGG (Christian Gamers Guild) is a group of committed Christians who enjoy games of all kinds. The goals of the CGG include involvement in game design and publishing, game advocacy from a Christian perspective when unwarranted hysteria occurs as the result of RPG involvement, as well as ministry at gaming conventions and through other avenues of game involvement.
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  • #conventions Topics about convention ministry, attendance, and related 46 topics
  • #scenario Adventures, modules and scenarios 45 topics
  • #admin Guild business and announcements 44 topics
  • #technique Tips for running or playing an RPG. Streamline your combat, take better notes, find useful tools. 30 topics
  • #prayer-request 28 topics
  • #gamers-seeking-gamers Looking for a new group? Got a group but looking for players? 24 topics
  • #theology Conversations that are more about God and spirituality than games (though games may still come up) 19 topics
  • #world-building Ideas and inspiration for making brave new worlds. 19 topics
  • #play-report War stories from the gaming table! 17 topics
  • #violence Does violence in the game beget violence in real life? 14 topics

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