Christian Gamers Guild

The CGG (Christian Gamers Guild) is a group of committed Christians who enjoy games of all kinds. The goals of the CGG include involvement in game design and publishing, game advocacy from a Christian perspective when unwarranted hysteria occurs as the result of RPG involvement, as well as ministry at gaming conventions and through other avenues of game involvement.
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President: Rodney Barnes
Vice President: Dave Mattingly*
Chaplain: M. J. Young*
Board Members at Large: Bryan Ray*, Eric Van Denhende, Derek White

*Elected in the most recent cycle.

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  • #board-games Do you prefer boxes of cardboard, wood, and plastic more than shelves of books and graph paper? 821 topics
  • #social Get to know your Guildies! 648 topics
  • #review Analysis of published game materials 499 topics
  • #conventions Topics about convention ministry, attendance, and related 444 topics
  • #prayer-request Intercede for your friends 255 topics
  • #podcasts Podcasts by CGG members, or of interest to the group 251 topics
  • #ot Off-Topic conversations 210 topics
  • #admin Guild business and announcements 192 topics
  • #scenario Adventures, modules and scenarios 165 topics
  • #meta Conversations about the conversation. Also, Guild structure and services. 140 topics

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